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What Does A Digital Agency Do? 5 Interesting Ideas About It

When you are in the marketing industry, you sure have heard about a digital agency a couple of times. The term is often confused and convoluted with other terms such as digital marketing and online marketing specialist. While it is true that they are running in the same space, but a digital agency covers more fields and targets a larger audience.

Ever since the social media rise, the digital agency has become one of the most sought-after businesses in the world. Many people are looking to employ an agency to expand their market base. They are aware of the power that the digital world is wielding at the moment.

What is Digital Agency?

To put it simply, it’s a company that specializes in putting your company profile prominently in the digital world. It’s not limited only to online marketing, but that is most of the projects they are working on.

It is unlike your traditional marketing agency, where they cover traditional media like TV and magazines. Most of the projects and services are revolve around digital and online presence. However, at some point, they will do offline works to reinforce the project’s exposure.

An agency can be limited on what they do base on what they’re specialized on. But most of the time, they are a multi-pronged company with multiple capabilities. They will help you with advertising your company or service. And bring more revenue coming your way.

What Does It Do?

Most people often use the terms digital and online interchangeably. That is understandable because both terms are often referring to the same thing. However, do keep in mind that a digital advertisement doesn’t always have to be an online one. It could be a social media post, email blast, or an article about a specific topic to garner clout.

In general, a digital agency covers anything related to digitally marketing your service. They will create articles, make social media posts, and make sure that your company will receive the attention needed.

Rest assured that their job is not limited to those tasks. The agency is also responsible to oversee and analyze the advertisement progress. That way you can plan a better strategy for the next advertisement campaign.

There are several types of agencies that you can employ based on what you need. Each covers different specialties that you can choose from, depending on what you need. Some may offer a general service while others can be very specific on what they can do.

Digital vs. Traditional

A digital marketing company may have started as a branch of a traditional one. Each agency has different perks that you can use to your advantage. However, a traditional marketer may cost you more than the digital one.

A traditional marketing method covers media print such as in a billboard or a magazine spread, or even a radio advertisement. It depends on the client’s request and the targeted niche. Anyhow, the traditional marketer tends to have a wide array of clients without specializing in any.

These days, people choose to have their news directly online. Therefore, digital marketing has slowly taken over. Many people think that digital marketing is the digital version of the traditional one. But it takes more technical information than just digitizing some ideas.

Digital marketing has analytical tools that can give exact measurements of how effective the strategy is. A digital marketer can see which keywords garner the most attention and what type of post that most people will react to. These measuring tools are what the traditional agency is lacking.

Several Agency Types

In general, the agency is responsible to bring clout to your company. They have to show progress and prove how their strategy worked for you. However, what they can do is limited to several things such as budget and specialties.

It’s best to have an understanding of the agencies and what they offer. Make sure that you are employing the best one for your business. Of course, that is after you’re assessing your own business and what kind of help that you need.

  1. Full-service marketing

Like the name implies, this agency will cover all of the advertising processes. From the start of the brainstorming process with you up to analyzing how well the strategy goes and whether it hits the target.

The digital agency employs several strategies at once and will help you reach the target you’re aiming for. They will help you on building a narrative and having the right image. They will work on the emails and make sure that your product presence is visible among the million social media users.

They are guiding you on your marketing strategies from the very start. From the web design process to suggesting which type of posts that you must have on your social media. They will also help you with having regular posts to keep your name above the others.

They have all the necessary tools to analyze your marketing strategies and will report to you regularly on how much the traffic has increased. You can use the report as a base to think about the next marketing strategy. See if you need to do some changes or you are satisfied with the current result.

At a glance, employing a full-service agency may seem very costly. But since they cover various specializations, you can employ the digital agency for a specific area that you want to be focused on.

  1. SEO Agency

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the popular terms of digital advertising and digital agency. It’s the basic of garnering attention based on a specific niche as shown by search engine analytic results. This digital agency will work on your current content and seek out rooms for improvements.

This agency will audit your website. They will see how much your links are optimized and match the keywords. They will regularly work on all your posts and see how the keywords are used. They’re making sure that each post is complying to maximize Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Sometimes, the digital agency only acts as a consultant and measure how effective the keywords used. They are always on top of the latest change in the ever-changing Google algorithm. They sure know the methods needed to keep your online presence visible. This is example digital agency for web development:

Rest assured, this agency is armed with all the necessary tools to stay in the loop and even be the first to test a method. They are using various search engine analytic tools to measure the effectiveness of a keyword and how to impose it to increase traffic.

  1. Online Marketing Agency

Similar to an SEO agency, an Online Marketing Agency also works with analytic tools on using keywords to increase traffic. However, online marketing usually used paid advertisement to boost or jumpstart the traffic instead of having an organic rise.

They cover social media and search engine result pages (SERP) for the paid advertisements. It is one of the best marketing strategies when you have a specific project or campaign you want to highlight. However, it can be very costly because you have to keep the paid advertisement running for a long time.

This digital agency will put your advertisements on popular social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are working with their system and make sure that more audiences will be watching your ads.

Some of the agencies even offer to handle your whole social media interaction. They will regularly post on your social media accounts to keep your traffic steady. They also will communicate with the customers, and even reach out for some affiliate marketing.

Should You Use It?

The first question you must ask yourself is how much you need a digital agency. Do you already have an advertising plan to go through? You also have to understand the expectations and see if you can meet the needs soon. Many businesses couldn’t handle the effect of their working advertisement.

Keep in mind that the traffic generated by the digital agency is an organic one. It will take a while until you can finally see the result. Of course, you can always jumpstart the boost anytime you want. But it takes planning and sufficient fund. As paid advertisement only lasts a short time, but can cost quite a bit.

While it’s true that any type of advertisement is most likely will draw attention. But the digital and online world is a large domain where both being specific to the niche or attracting general audiences can have a clear difference.

You can start by setting a timeline with a clear benchmark as your future targets. Work-based on your digital presence to see how much help that you need. Do you need paying advertisement or do you need someone to do your social media posts? At any rate, you’re the one calling the final shots on any marketing strategies suggested.

A digital agency can be an inseparable presence at this age. They have immensely helped various businesses and projects reaching their optimal targets. As many people have conducted their businesses online, it’s only natural that there are more demands on employing a digital agency.

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